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Level Air IFEC


Level Air

Inflight Entertainment + Connectivity


Duration: 6 weeks
Team: 3 UX designers, and 2 UI designers at Massive Interactive – London
Role: UX Lead

Level Air launched in 2017 as a new low-cost long haul airline flying from Barcelona to North and South America and the Caribbean. Aimed at price sensitive adventure seeking Millennials and Gen Z, the carrier offers a budget conscious buy on-board model.


Pair and pay

Working side by side with Level on-site in Heathrow, I lead the team at Massive to design a brand new Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) with an associated responsive portal.

The solution enables passengers to purchase entertainment, food and beverage, duty free and other on-board items, all while paying from their own device via world first pair and pay functionality.


We believe that people prefer to use their own device to enter personal information

So if we use secure tokenisation to allow passengers to pay from their own devices

We will see passengers engaging with the seatback IFE kiosk for their inflight service and Wi-Fi needs.

Early pair and pay concepts

Early pair and pay concepts

The buying process is so seamless and easy.
— Freddo Zabaleta - Passenger on inaugural flight
Onboarding to pair and pay

Onboarding to pair and pay


Responsive portal

The responsive portal enables passengers to pair their mobile, tablet or laptop with the seatback IFE and use their device securely as a payment method throughout the flight, without needing to enter any payment details into the IFE or call cabin crew.

The tokenised payment method functions like a tab, which is settled when the aircraft reaches its destination. This allows passengers to keep making purchases uninterrupted throughout the flight, even when the aircraft loses internet connectivity over the Atlantic Ocean.

The portal was designed to be reusable across all partner airlines within the International Airlines Group. This offers exciting room to grow for the group and ultimately a seamless on-board experience for passengers.

Pair and pay from the user’s own device

Pair and pay from the user’s own device

Responsive portal breakpoints

Responsive portal breakpoints


Instant access to content, services, and inflight comforts

The new system offers a fresh approach to seatback IFE, with its combination of showcasing entertainment, on-board shopping, dining, customisation options, and flight information. At the same time, the system helps reduce the service burden on cabin staff as passengers order and pay directly from their seats.

70876854072987.594d42aea6249 copy.jpg
The IFE system feels very refreshing. The layout and color scheme was user-friendly and fresh looking.
— Emily McNutt - Passenger on inaugural flight

In September 2017, APEX awarded the IFE and Portal ‘Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation’ for its pair and pay functionality.